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Chelsea Klamm Art


I have always felt if you know what you’re going to do in advance, then you won’t do it. 

Your creativity starts with whether you’re curious or not.   - Frank Gehry

Artist Chelsea Klamm

My name is Chelsea Klamm.


As a contemporary abstract artist, I tend to say that I move paint.  Pushing – pouring – dragging – slapping – brushing color against the surface.  I make changes until the work starts living its best life.


Curiosity led me to paint.

Painting led me to observe the world for inspiring color palates. Painting introduced me to CHANGE and its immense power. 

Change led me to joy.

Please join me in sharing joy with the world.  

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Jones Gallery – Kansas City, MO – Nov 2018

Alaris – Kansas City, MO – Celebrating Women Series – Spring 2019

ArtsKC Now Showing Program – Jul 2019 – present

The Smalter Gallery – Kansas City, MO – W 39th St: Art From Here – Aug 2019

Intersect Arts Center – St. Louis, MO – Anew Exhibition – Sep 2019

R.G. Endres Gallery – Prairie Village, KS – State of the Arts Exhibition – Oct 2019

The Smalter Gallery – Kansas City, MO – Ghoul & Guile – Fall 2019

Alaris – Kansas City, MO – Celebrating Women Series – Spring 2020

MASKS for AID: Connected, HNC Living Foundation – Apr 2020

The Smalter Gallery – Kansas City, MO – Smaller Art – Winter 2021

Buttonwood Art Space – Kansas City, MO – He’Art” For All – 21/22  Award Winner

Hilliard Gallery – Kansas City, MO - Contemporary Abstract – Winter 2022-23

MLB Designs & Boutique – Kansas City, MO – Solo Exhibition – Jan 2023

Serendipity Labs - Overland Park, KS - Solo Exhibition - Jan-Apr 2024

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